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RMIT is a global University of Technology, Design and Enterprise in the heart of Melbourne – the world’s most liveable city! Well known Senior Career Counsellor for almost 16 years, Piera Ibrahim creates life-changing experiences for RMIT students through her professional career guidance. She shares on how family, work and further studies is developing her passion for life long learning…

What kind of work do you do and what do you like about it?
I have been working as a Careers Consultant at RMIT University for almost 16 years. I really enjoy supporting tertiary students to find their passions and career direction. Sometimes, it is about helping them to unpack some of the obstacles they are facing and encourage them to identify possible solutions to achieve their short and long term goals in life.  

RMIT Melbourne campus

Do you use any kind of technology (devices, power point, computer based online meetings like zoom etc) in your work?
There is a range of technology that I use in my work. This includes PowerPoint presentations when I conduct workshops or present at lectures. I also use a database program to document case notes from my career counselling sessions. To communicate with staff, I use Microsoft Teams and I use Skype to conduct online career counselling session with students. In the past 2 years, my department has been using Web Chat as a way of triaging incoming career inquiries. This has been particularly helpful, especially as our career services has moved online due to the COVID pandemic

How do you manage work and family life with 3 active young men (including your husband!)?
Life is extremely busy as I am also studying a Master of Social Work part-time whilst also dedicating time to spend with my family. With a very active family, we have had to be extremely creative these past few months in trying to find ways of exerting energy while staying indoors. 

How did you make the best use of the home based school period?
It was quite challenging to say the very least. However, I tried to take a greater interest in my sons’ home learning and found myself enjoying moments where my sons were video recording their work to submit to their teachers.

Family and friends car trip

What did your family LOVE to do prior to COVID-19?
We loved participating in social outings with friends. We also enjoyed going on family holidays, as those moments are treasured memories. 

If you could have 1 super power – what would it be?
To be able to take away people’s pain, suffering and sadness. 

Discovering without borders is opening new topics for children to learn STEAM skills. Which topics below would interest your children the most and why?
I think my boys would love the topic of Tiny Homes. As a family, we enjoy watching Grand Designs so we appreciate the engineering, design and technology. Recently, my husband showed our children the Maidstone Housing Pods for the homelessness and spoke to them about the wonderful use of innovation and design that were used to create these tiny houses to combat a growing problem in our society  https://architectureau.com/articles/tenants-move-in-to-schored-projects-relocatable-units-for-the-homeless/
It would be wonderful to see how we can utilise STEM skills to tackle a community issue such as homelessness.  

DWB Tiny Homes video tackles homelessness

Thank you Piera for your time and reflection on work, study and family life during this season. Tiny Homes is one of our favourite DWB learning resources as it helps students to understand what sustainable living can look like, and how we can all play our part in understanding and building towards a more caring community.

Email contact@d-w-b.org for further information about our online learning resources. Each topic includes an educational video and a comprehensive guide to challenge your child in their learning adventure.

Your contribution to DWB as a Social Enterprise is providing meaningful employment for single mothers and abused teenage girls. We have provided employment and empowered over 20 women since our work has begun!

1. Car Crash Theory – Engineering
2. LED’s, Circuits & Light Poverty
3. Bridges, Ladders & Shelters. An Earth Quake Challenge
4. Cosmetics & Toxins – Chemistry
5. Smart City Design Challenge – Engineering & Design Thinking
6. Exploring Neuro Science – The Brain Challenge
7. Invent Imagine for the Elderly – Design Thinking
8. The Aviation Challenge – Forces of flight – Physics
9. Building the next best Airport – Design Thinking
10. The Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge – Engineering

11. Our Eyes, the window to our brains – Biology
12. Environmental Science & our waste
13. Zip Lines with speed & friction – Physics
14. Heart to heart – Developing a Healthy heart – Biology
15. The Food Technology Delivery Industry – Engineering, Design thinking & Technology
16. An Insect’s life (edible insects) – Biology & Food Science
17. Wearable technology – Engineering, Design thinking & Technology
18. Tiny Homes – Engineering, Design thinking & Technology
19. Saving our Oceans – Biodiversity & Environmental Science
20. Life on Mars – Astronomy, Engineering, Design thinking & Technology

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