I had the wonderful privilege of journeying with Su (not her full name) since meeting her at a home shelter in 2015. Here’s our candid interview about her experience working in Discovering without Borders (DWB) and learning STEM for herself.

1. What were your first impressions of DWB?
When Yen first shared about work opportunities in DWB I was excited as I have had child care experience with children aged 18months to 12 years old.

2. What did you think the work would involve?
I really thought the work would be helping children to draw and colour – easy activities like that but I realised DWB is all about the Sciences and the activities are about understanding science in a fun way

3. Did you learn anything new for yourself?
Yes I learned many new Science concepts and especially liked the topic on aviation as I did not know what “lift” meant in flying objects and how the curve shape of the wing helps it to lift and fly

4. What has been your greatest challenge?
It would have to be our 2 week project work with a special education school where the needs of the children were very wide and they had challenging behaviours. It takes a lot of patience to work in that environment

5. What did you enjoy the most?
I loved the camps as it gave children of different age groups a larger variety of┬áScience activities that they could experiment with. I have especially enjoyed working with the parents and the staff in DWB as I’ve grown closer in my friendships with them

6. What’s in store for your future?
I have just received a permanent full time job with a security company where I will be the concierge who maintains everyone’s safety. I am so pleased to finally receive such good news as I’ve been actively searching for 51/2 months with over 20 unsuccessful interviews! I did find some companies were not interested in my application when I told them I am a single mum with my baby girl. However, that’s over with now and I’m just grateful for a new job opportunity!