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Social Entrepreneur STEM Educator

Given this wonderful story of perseverance, it’s little wonder that Yen is a powerhouse of positivity, running her own social enterprise to encourage children’s involvement in STEM, along with looking after her three active boys, and MUCH more! Read on to find out how early obstacles in life have influenced her outlook on work, how she manages a work-life balance, and some truly awesome at-home tech activities to do with kids (can you say, Make-your-own sushi train?!)…

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Innovating STEM learning for kids

The IMDA Lab on Wheels team managed to grab hold of Yen Siow, the Founder of Discovering Without Borders – a non-profit association that works with underprivileged children to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – to talk about the STEM scene in Singapore and how coding is like a second language.

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