Hannah, a journalist and data analyst

Hannah, you’ve had such an interesting career path since graduating from University. Please share about your current work.
I currently work in a tech company called Taboola. Taboola’s primary product is personalized ad recommendations on the open web. As part of this, we have developed a data analytics platform called Taboola Newsroom, which helps journalists understand data about their readership. 
I do client training for clients across Australia, India, Japan and Korea for our software, as well as data analysis of trending topics in different countries. Our software helps content producers in news publications understand what’s trending on the open web in their countries, and also helps them understand and optimize content on their site that’s popular with readers. As someone who used to work in online news, I enjoy talking to people in my previous industry to help them understand how integrating data into their workflow can help them make better decisions around important content. I also enjoy reading about trending topics because I’m a current affairs and news junkie. 

Hannah talking about Taboola’s products at an exhibition in Austin, Texas in September 2018

This new role sounds exciting! What kind of skills did you need to have when you applied for the role?
An understanding of how data is used to make decisions during the daily news cycle. Strong analytics skills to understand different kinds of metrics and market insights, and why they’re important to your clients. Strong communications skills to communicate with different clients from different countries. Adaptability and empathy to work well with a diverse, multi-national team.

Could you share about your University studies and what you would have done differently…
I studied media and communications. Since then I’ve actually advised people who are interested in journalism not to study this course because there are ways to learn these skills without studying an entire university course about them. I would have picked something which has more transferability so that I have stronger technical skills for career switches within digital media (for example learning programming or coding)

What kind of work did you do prior to your career switch?
I worked in online news production for 10 years, handling all the different aspects of news online and news production such as being on the ground as a reporter, sports editor, and shaping content strategy.

Discovering without borders is opening new topics for children to learn STEAM skills. Which topic would interest you the most and why? 
#14. I work out a lot and would love to understand biology more deeply so that I better understand the effects of exercise and good nutrition on different parts of my body.

Hannah on a cycling trip – keeping super fit!

Thank you Hannah for sharing your career journey and showing us how you navigated a career switch from online news to data analytics.

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