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STEAM Learning Trailer Video (topics 1-10)

Discovering without Borders is excited to provide online resources for you to use within the comforts of your own home, school or community centre. We know that learning does not just happen in schools but continues on in our children’s curious minds. We have created some fun and challenging topics for your children to explore so that their learning adventure never ends.

STEAM Learning Trailer Video (topics 11-20)

Here is our suite of STEAM topics that you can choose from:
1. Car Crash Theory – Engineering
2. LED’s, Circuits & Light Poverty
3. Bridges, Ladders & Shelters. An Earth Quake Challenge
4. Cosmetics & Toxins – Chemistry
5. Smart City Design Challenge – Engineering & Design Thinking
6. Exploring Neuro Science – The Brain Challenge
7. Invent Imagine for the Elderly – Design Thinking
8. The Aviation Challenge – Forces of flight – Physics
9. Building the next best Airport – Design Thinking
10. The Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge – Engineering

11. Our Eyes, the window to our brains – Biology
12. Environmental Science & our waste
13. Zip Lines with speed & friction – Physics
14. Heart to heart – Developing a Healthy heart – Biology
15. The Food Technology Delivery Industry – Engineering, Design thinking & Technology
16. An Insect’s life (edible insects) – Biology & Food Science
17. Wearable technology – Engineering, Design thinking & Technology
18. Tiny Homes – Engineering, Design thinking & Technology
19. Saving our Oceans – Biodiversity & Environmental Science
20. Life on Mars – Astronomy, Engineering, Design thinking & Technology

To enquire about our topics please email: contact@d-w-b.org
Each topic comes with an online learning video and curriculum guide for you to use.

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* If you are facing financial hardship or know of a community that will benefit greatly from these online resources – please email yen@d-w-b.org