Today’s STEM class was a unique experience that brought together students from Afghanistan and Australia to learn about drones and their various applications. The session began with an introduction to drones, including their history and how they are used in different fields, such as agriculture, Delivery, military, photography, and search and rescue operations.

After the introduction, the students were divided into groups and were given materials such as mask tape, DC motors, hard papers, and plastic water bottles to make their own drones. The students worked collaboratively to design and build their drones, which required a lot of creativity and problem-solving skills.

Throughout the session, the students had the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences with each other, which resulted in a great exchange of cultural knowledge. The students from Afghanistan shared their knowledge of how drones are used in their country for agriculture and surveillance purposes, while the students from Australia shared their experiences of using drones for photography and delivery.

Overall, the session was a great success, and the students learned a lot about drones and their applications. It was a unique opportunity for them to work together and learn from each other, while also exploring their own creativity and problem-solving skills.

Many thanks to Afghan Community Center for making this productive workshop possible by providing the venue.

Jawid “Ahmady”
Discovering Without Borders Teacher